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My Klara

A Novel 

My Klara is my first novel. The book is newly published in Hebrew. It tells the story of an Israeli woman, who just given birth to her first-born child, as she struggles with generational trauma as a holocaust second generation and trying to balance the roles of mother, wife and a daughter. In the midst of life turmoil, the woman creates a special relationship with an imaginary friend named Klara.

The woman is writing to Klara and sharing her thoughts, feelings and memories with her. But the plot of life itself gets more and more complicated, the woman is getting divorced, her imaginary
friend is being exposed as Klara, the mother of Adolf Hitler, and when her husband is leaving their home, Klara is coming to live with the woman, helping her to raise her son. The danger in the air is tense: will Klara and the woman grow up a healthy sensitive kid or a psychopathic oppressor?

Book Cover My Klara
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