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About Me

Dr. Biri Rottenberg

My name is Biri Rottenberg, PhD.  I'm currently working and living in Israel. I work as a bibliotherapist and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist for more than 20 years. Currently i am working as a bibliotherapist in a private practice in Givaatyim near Tel Aviv. I work with children, adolescents and adults and I also give clinical supervision to therapists. I also work as a lecturer in Reichman University in Herzliya, Israel.


I used to live in Lawrence, Kansas and work as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Hall Center of the Humanities at the University of Kansas. I was previously a lecturer in the Bibliotherapy program at the Department of Counselling and Human Development, Faculty of Education, Haifa University as well as at Seminar Hakibbutzim College. I received my PhD from the Bibliotherapy program at Haifa University. My dissertation dealt with narratives of Israeli mothers and their expression in blogs. My current research interests include psychoanalysis, creativity, gender, literature, writing therapy, and qualitative research. I received my diploma as a psychoanalytic psychotherpist from the Winnicott Center for advanced studies In Israel.  


My professional clinical activity involves clinical practice as a Bibliotherapist, working with children, adolescent, parents, adults and couples. On 2017 I became a certificate Senior Supervisor by Yahat – The Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies. For the last years I supervised experienced therapists who train in the Israeli Winnicott Center - the program for psychoanalytic psychotherapy for creative and expressive arts therapists. I also supervise experienced therapists who are trained in the Parent-Child Therapy Program in Tel Aviv. In addition, I supervise experienced therapists who are training in the Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program, Social Work Faculty, Tel Aviv University.


I graduated the Winnicott Center for advanced psychoanalytic psychotherapy. The three years of studying at the Winnicott Center contributed a lot to my academic work, which is deeply inspired by my clinical work. I became a member of the Israeli association for relational psychoanalysis. Since 2018, I also become a member of the "Siach Group: an institute for Counseling and Psychotherapy" in Tel Aviv, working on the impact of race, class, culture and gender on the therapeutic relations and therapeutic thinking.​ Currently, I am studying at MAPS Israel, The MDMA Psychotherapy program.


As a psychotherapist, I believe that words can help us to hear our inner quietness and noise, our inner love, fear and hope. The bibliotherapeutic encounter enables words to create more meaning and empowers us to interweave our life stories and our experiences with different texts that have accompanied us since childhood. As a therapist, I help my patients find new meaning in their own life stories.

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